Angel Aura Quartz & Hamsa with Lotus
Angel Aura Quartz & Hamsa with Lotus
Angel Aura Quartz & Hamsa with Lotus

Angel Aura Quartz & Hamsa with Lotus

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Clear quartz is enhanced with metals such as platinum and silver to create Angel Aura Quart; the resulting rainbow of colors heals all of your chakras and protects you from negative energy.  You will be filled with a vibrant excitement for life as this radiant stone helps you release karmic ties to dysfunction which are keeping your current relationships from being fulfilling and uplifting.  Angel Aura Quartz heals old wounds in your heart chakra so you can approach your current relationships with genuine heart-based communication.

Black Obsidian is included to open your eyes to truths that must be brought to the surface, while protecting you and keeping you grounded.

The Hamsa hand is a symbol that pre-dates organized religion and is seen titled by various names in religions from Islam to Christianity.  It is a symbol of protection from evil, which is often interpreted as jealousy. 

The Lotus represents the cycles of life.  The story of the lotus begins in murky, muddy water, emerging to the surface; opening it's pristine petals to the sky, it shows no remnants to indicate its rough beginnings.  As the sun goes down the lotus folds back up and journeys back below the water and into the mud, only to begin the process again the next morning.  The lotus also represents pure will and the energy to grow despite facing incredible odds.  It has been documented that a lotus seed can lie dormant for more than a thousand years waiting for the gift of water to bring it to life.

Wearing this bracelet will remind you:

"Invite your vibrancy out to play!"
"Jewels can be found in the mud."


Angel Aura Quartz, Black Obsidian and Sterling Silver stretch bracelet is 7 1/2" around.

**While this bracelet is sturdy, please take care not to over-stretch!**

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