The Shift

The energy around you is shifting.  Something is stirring deep within you. 
Can you feel it? 

A call to awaken.  A call to remember who you really are.

Hi, I’m Holly, owner and designer of Holly B. Designs.  If you have also felt this calling, I have designed my jewelry for you.  You are being called to raise your vibration.  You are being called to listen to and learn from your ancestral knowledge.  You are learning to tune in to your inner wisdom.
You wear jewelry to connect you to a time, a person or a place.
You wear jewelry to feel confident and empowered.
You are excited about your path and the jewelry you wear reflects your enthusiasm.
You believe in the healing power of stones and you love to adorn yourself with them!
 Jewelry has always been used to tell stories.  Stories of who we are, where we have come from, where we are going.  My jewelry has been designed to be a companion on your journey.
I believe crystals and stones have healing properties.  Let your intuition guide you to the stones you need.  Let your heart guide you down your path of personal growth.
Allow my jewelry to empower you on your journey!  Shop through my latest collection here!
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