Hidden Treasures Earrings
Hidden Treasures Earrings
Hidden Treasures Earrings

Hidden Treasures Earrings

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You know the sound of the breeze through shell wind chimes?  Doesn't it just take you straight to the beach?  These delicate earrings sound just like those wind chimes and will transport you back to your last beach vacation.  

Dentalium shells have a long history of cultural use in California's Native American Tribes.  They were a sign of sacred wealth and were used as a form of currency.  They are often found in traditional jewelry as well as used on baskets and clothing.

Dentalium Shells, Brass or Sterling Silver.

These earrings dangle approx. 3 1/2 - 3 3/4" from the earlobes.

**These beautiful earrings are very delicate!  Please use extra care when handling them, as they will break if dropped or if you get an enthusiastic hug while wearing them!**


**Due to the natural shells, no two pairs are exactly the same, and the pair you receive may differ slightly from the pair shown.**

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