Let's Get Personal

I began my journey a few years ago. 

As most life-changing paths do, it began in hardship.

I was struggling after leaving a job I loved in order to try something new, and unfortunately it didn’t go very well.  I was dealing with a high level of emotional stress and was not making ends meet.  All of this was making my health issues much worse.  I tried multiple times to find a new job, and each time I did it turned out to be just as bad of a situation.  Then the presidential election of 2016 happened, and like many, I was disheartened.

I felt so sad and hopeless.

I am lucky enough to have great support from my boyfriend, friends and family, but they couldn’t stop the worry and the depression that was inside me every day. 

Then, in January 2017, I felt a very strong urge to start going to the meditation group I had gone to the summer prior, but hadn’t been able to attend in many months.  For an unexplainable reason, I just knew that I had to be there for the first meeting of the New Year.  Emotionally at that time I was struggling with feelings of not fitting in and feeling left out of my friend group.   In fact, on the day of the meditation group there was also another event which I had expected to be invited to but wasn’t, so these feelings were especially raw that night. 

When I showed up to the meditation group—all women I might add, some of whom I’d known for several years, and some I’d never met—I found that the group had changed from being strictly a meditation group to including discussion on spirituality and personal growth, including time to ask for guidance on any topic that we were struggling with.

A little background on me: I am pretty shy and quiet in front of people I don’t know and am not always one to speak up or be vulnerable in front of a group, even one as supportive as this women’s group.  But I needed to ask the question: I know I have been struggling for a reason; I know I was supposed to leave my good job.  But what is the purpose of the struggles I have been going through?  And will it get easier soon??  I was so emotional, I am pretty sure I was crying as I posed my questions.

The messages that came through were amazing.  I wish I’d had a journal on me at the time to write them down word for word, but the overall sentiments are still with me.  And they moved me to a point where I decided then and there that I was all in. 

I was ready to make changes in my life.

I yearned to learn more about spirituality.  I wanted to learn how to develop my own intuition.  I needed to learn how to feel a true connection to God.  And I came to the conclusion that the only way to move forward was to move inward.  I acknowledged a truth:

The only way to affect change in the world around me was to create change in myself. 

From that day on, I made it to almost every meeting of my women’s group.  I made a conscious choice to focus on gratitude instead of fear and worry.  I began praying.  I began talking to my Spirit Guides and to Angels.  I attended my local Women’s March and was moved to tears and uplifted beyond words.  I sought out spiritual educators and started soaking up information.  I began journaling.  I learned about victim consciousness and how to recognize when the thoughts in my head were stuck there, and then I learned how to change the thoughts I was having. 

Think about that for a minute.  Like, WHAT?  I have the power to change my own thoughts?!?  Who knew? 

And guess what—my life started turning around almost immediately after that first meeting in January.  As in, I got interviews at two new jobs, one of which turned out to be the perfect place for me.  And although it took a while for my finances to even out again, I created the new belief that I had ever-increasing abundance and prosperity and that all of my needs were met. 

It was truly amazing, that somehow, even when I was just starting out at my new job, money kept finding me.  Every time I had a bill to pay, I learned to let go of the fear that wanted to take over and instead concentrated on the feeling of having the money to pay the bill without worry.  Seemingly like magic, the money for the bill would “find” me every time!  And every time I would say a prayer of thanks to God for the blessing. 

Now, a year and a half later, I look back and see how much my life has changed. 

I am so much happier.  I feel supported by God, my Angels and Guides, as well as by my family and friends.  I am much closer to my friends—the ones that I “thought” I didn’t quite fit in with—and have seen positive changes in them too, as my “positive thoughts” are rubbing off on those around me.  I have a great job where I truly feel respected.  I finally believe in myself and my abilities enough to create this successful jewelry business--one I had only wished for in the past.  

As I grow into this new more aware version of myself, I am so grateful to have a chance to share what I am learning with those who are open to listening

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Peace & Love,

Holly B.