Truth Earrings

Truth Earrings

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Faceted crystals stand alone in their ability to draw the eye.  The denim blue teardrop Crystals pair perfectly with blue Kyanite, which is one of my all-time favorite stones.  Add to this the delicate Tourmalinated Quartz chain to make this pair truly worthy of the angels.

Blue Kyanite can be used to balance the throat chakra and to help you speak your truth.  It is also a powerful cleanser to clear negative energy.  Tourmalinated Quartz helps to release tension and encourages you to come from a positive mindset based in love and gratitude instead of a negative mindset stemming from fear.  Faceted Crystals seem to amplify the energy of the stones that they are paired with, in the way that light moving through water or clear crystal projects a multitude of rainbows all around it.

Blue Kyanite, Tourmalinated Quartz Chain, Denim Blue Crystals, Silver-Plated Ear Wire

These earrings dangle approx. 3 3/4" from the earlobes.

**Due to the natural stones, no two pairs are exactly the same, and the pair you receive may differ slightly from the pair shown.**

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