Vibrant Angel Earrings

Vibrant Angel Earrings

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Who says angels don't like color?  Some angels have a bolder, brighter energy--are you one of them?  No need to tone yourself down for others; allow them to tune in to your brighter, more vibrant frequency instead!

Pearls represent the transformation of our inner self into the understanding of our true nature, not unlike the ugly duckling becoming the swan, or the caterpillar transforming into the butterfly; as we move through life, we begin thinking we are one thing, but slowly we transform as we tap into the knowledge of Who we truly Are.  Citrine assists in calming and quieting the mind.  It is only when we are in this space that we can access our innate wisdom without the brain/ego getting in the way.

Pearls, Blue Crystals, Raw Citrine, Denim Blue Teardrop Crystals, Gold-Plated Earwire

These earrings hang approximately 3.5" from the earlobes.

**Due to the natural stones, no two pairs are exactly the same, and the pair you receive may differ slightly from the pair shown.**


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