May Birthstone: Emerald

Birthstone Emerald

May's arrival brings spring in full bloom, showing off abundance and representing the season of fertility with each new vibrant green leaf. 

This is the energy of May’s birthstone, the emerald. 

It's no wonder that civilizations throughout the ages have regarded emeralds with expectations of youth, vitality and prosperity!  The green of an emerald holds all that is lush and vibrant; for this reason it has long been a stone gifted to a new bride to represent new love, compassion and fertility.

Emeralds have been traded and sold for 6,000 years, and have been valued by cultures throughout the world.  One of history’s most notable supporters was Cleopatra.  Ancient Egyptians believed that wearing emeralds brought eternal youth.  Not surprisingly, emeralds have been found in many burial tombs of the pharaohs.

Even Aristotle wrote about the healing powers of the emerald, noting that it was used to heal ailments of the eyes.  Interestingly, science may be proving this to be true; some studies indicate that gazing at the color green is actually soothing to the eye due to the way our eyes are constructed and how they receive colored light.  (Just another reason to believe we aren’t necessarily smarter or more advanced than we used to be….  But I digress….)

Written evidence has been found throughout the ages that emeralds were believed to give insight into the future when placed under the tongue.  It has also been said that if an emerald changes shades it means that a lover has been unfaithful.  (Then, again....maybe I spoke to soon…?  Perhaps I need a large emerald ring so I can test this out!)

Throughout the ages, emeralds are believed to lend a soothing energy, allowing for patience, compassion, focus and creativity.  The heart chakra, represented by the color green, is strongly supported by these attributes of emerald's energy. 

Archangel Raphael, the angel of healing, is also represented by an emerald green light.  When working with the archangel, picture yourself being held in a vibrant green emerald light, letting it radiate over and through your body, mind and spirit, while asking Archangel Raphael to assist in blessing you with healing from God. 

Luckily for us, emeralds don’t have to be priced out of reach!  Raw emeralds are easily found and are an affordable alternative to a faceted gemstone. 

Raw Emerald Cluster

Are you ready to incorporate the healing energy of emeralds into your life? 

I have great news!

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