Ruby: July Birthstone

Birthstone Ruby

The ruby has captured hearts and minds for thousands of years.  Reverence for this “stone of God” dates back to biblical times, and was even referenced several times in the Bible.  There is evidence of rubies being traded on China’s North Silk Road as far back as 200 BC.  The most prized rubies with the deepest red color came from Burma.  Asian cultures, not surprisingly, coveted these gemstones.  Chinese and Burmese warriors believed that wearing rubies in battle would give them protection.  Hindus believed that they would be reborn as emperors if they gifted Krishna with rubies.

While Burma is no longer producing rubies, the rubies originating from there are still considered the highest quality.  Rubies found in other countries have colors ranging from deep red, to pink, orange and brown hues.  Eventually it was discovered that heat-treating rubies would deepen its color to the more sought after red tones, and it is a common practice that is not frowned upon.

Ruby’s striking color is created from chromium, which gives it the appearance of glowing from within.  It’s no wonder mankind has been moved by this special stone—who wouldn’t be inspired to access their personal strength when in its presence?  Due to its deep red color, this gemstone has long been revered as a power stone.  Evoking love, desire, fiery passion, and an overall lust for life, rubies have inspired civilizations.  

Associated with blood—the life force running through our veins—rubies are believed to hold the power of life within its structure.  They support the heart chakra by opening ones heart to love and passion, both in relationship and in a healthy positivity and excitement for life.  They support wealth and leadership and the ability to hold your head high and stand up for yourself. 

As the world opens up again, ruby will be a perfect companion as you step back into the world with renewed energy and a excitement for the possibilities life has to offer.

My ready-to-wear birthstone jewelry will be coming out in the next few weeks!  Contact me here to to know the details!

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