Tektites: Touch a galaxy far, far away....

Libyan Desert Glass Moldavite Tektites

I want to share about a few stones that have been coming up for me personally and in my business over the last two weeks, and why you might want to know about them too!

Well, actually, they aren’t technically stones, as they have no crystalline structure (although you will see them referred to as stones for ease of understanding); these specimens are classified as tektites.

According to Wikipedia, they are actually a form of “natural glass formed from terrestrial debris ejected during meteorite impacts.”

In other words, tektites are a combo of terrestrial and extraterrestrial material that have melded together through what I can only imagine to be the most spectacular collision, creating a powerful specimen that is literally out of this world! 

Not to mention, pretty ancient.  I’m currently creating custom Moldavite necklaces for a client (pics coming soon!), and in my research found out it’s almost 15 million years old! 


It’s only found in the Czech Republic from a particular impact site, and the mine was closed by the government last year.  Moldavite is a beautiful dark forest green to an almost lime green color when held up to the light.  It is a very high vibration stone with an affinity for the crown chakra, tuning you in to spiritual growth and connection.  It will help you identify your self-imposed limits so you can grow past them to embody a life of possibilities instead of walls. It is said that it carries access to the Akashic Records.  Some sensitive individuals who use this stone can actually feel a physical sensation of heat or energy rushing through their body; this is known as “Moldavite flush.”  Due to its high vibration, when working with Moldavite, it’s important to pair it with a grounding stone, such as Black Tourmaline or Smoky Quartz.

In seeking out Moldavite for my client, I came across another tektite that I hadn’t heard of before.  Libyan Desert Glass comes in at a whopping 28 million years old!  It was created from an impact site that happened in the Sahara, spanning from Libya into western Egypt.  It’s the Egyptian ties that really caught my attention—I’ve always been obsessed with ancient Egypt and seeing the pyramids is on my bucket list!

By H. Raab (User:Vesta) - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=486872

The ancient Egyptians made carvings with this glass, and It was even used on a protective heart scarab found in King Tut’s tomb!  They believed that this desert glass was a connection to the sun god Ra.  Today, this tektite carries the bright golden energy of the sun, bringing abundance and joy in life combined with the never-ending expanse courtesy of the extraterrestrial universe.  If you are working on personal growth and shifting your mindset to manifesting a vibrant life, this special specimen will support you by keeping you grounded as you expand your consciousness.

Moldavite and Libyan Desert Glass are a perfect combination of stones to use together.  Libyan Desert Glass solidly supports the root through solar plexus chakras, while Moldavite supports and elevates the heart through crown chakras. 

The day after I discovered Libyan Glass existed, I was buying Moldavite for my custom order, and the owner of the shop casually brought out another case to show me her last Libyan Glass Ring.  She told me she probably wouldn’t be able to source anymore, as it is very rare.  Well, I tried to leave it at the shop.  I walked out, ran another errand, then sat in my car.  And then I went back in and bought it!  Sometimes you have to trust the universe, and I truly felt a calling to this stone.  I haven’t taken it off since I bought it, and I have felt significant shifts in my creativity and purpose in my endeavors. 

Trust your gut, your intuition, and the Universe to open doors and guide you on your path! 

Are you interested in working with these powerful stones? 

I’d love to create a custom piece of jewelry just for you.  We can discuss what support you need and choose stones specifically for you!  Please be aware that due to the rare nature of both of these stones, the cost has been growing significantly over the last year.  The cost for a custom creation will be higher than a standard piece, but I promise you, it will be worth the investment!

Let’s start your custom piece today (tektite or otherwise)!  Contact me here or DM me on Instagram.  I can’t wait to chat!

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