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What is your relationship with water?  How do you interact with it?  Do you respect it?

Does it even occur to you to think about it?

Have you ever considered how it connects you to Mother Earth?  How it connects you to your mother—the one that physically gave birth to you?

We are all born of water.  We may walk on land, but we are all true water beings that started in the dark, nourishing, comforting waters of the womb.  We are made up of 70% water.  It makes up our organs, our cells, and our blood.

We are ALL connected in this way. 

This is a LIFE TRUTH.

How do we get to the roots of our true nature?  How do we create a deeper connection with each other through water--the master element, the key to life?


Umm, okay….  Like count my daily ounces?

Well, yes, that is purposeful on a physical level.  Let’s go deeper….  Step into the tides with me.

Start your day with hydration by creating an intentional interaction with the water you drink.  Water holds energy.  It holds thoughts.  Infuse your water with prayer and intention as you fill your glass.  Drink this water holding your intention in your mind and heart.  Give thanks and gratitude for its ability to hydrate, energize and cleanse your body.

Create a mindfulness practice with every sip.  Throughout the day as you refill your glass to hydrate, take a moment to refocus and re-center on gratitude and the intention you set at the beginning of the day.  This is such an easy way to incorporate moments of calm throughout your day.  If you have a hard time meditating, try this practice for 2 weeks instead.  If you are drinking half your body weight in ounces each day as recommended, this gives you plenty of chances throughout the day to practice and create this routine!


As your mindfulness practice becomes ingrained, you will step into the next level of awareness.  Feel the waves now crashing against your legs.

When you infuse your intentions into your daily hydration, know that you are programming more than just your glass of water.  YOU as a water being—as a being comprised of 70% water—are programming YOURSELF with every thought, prayer, feeling and emotion.

So…which thoughts and ideas are you programming into your being today?  Are positive thoughts being infused into your cells?  Are declarations of ill will or judgment flowing through your veins?  Thoughts hold energy and water is electrically charged. 

These currents are programming the computer that is your body. 

Do you want that programming to run subconsciously or are you ready to take charge of the fuel that’s filling your tank?


Still with me?  It’s okay to stay in the gentle tide to get used to the cool, refreshing water before braving the waves.  But if you’re ready or even just a little curious where this is heading, dive into the waves with me!  Let the water lift you up and float in her currents.  Enjoy the excitement of where it’s taking you!

We know that water holds intention.  We know that you are made of water, and have the power to (re)program your belief systems through intentional thought.  As above, so below.  Or, in this case: just as you are affected by your thoughts and intentions (consciously and subconsciously), so are the people and environment around you.

Yeah, I know, just when you were getting comfortable I threw a curve ball at you.  Sorry, not sorry! 

The more people understand and incorporate these concepts, these inconvenient truths, the better we will be at relating to one another and treating each other with genuine respect. 

The world is in desperate need of this, no?

Let’s dig in: How are you programming those around you?  What energy are you infusing into your environment?  Are you intentional with the words you speak to others?  How do you interact with friends and family, customers at work, or complete strangers?  Are you intentionally or unintentionally programming the people around you with your fears, judgments, and self-limiting beliefs?  Or do you speak words of possibility and kindness? 

No one is perfect here, and I can definitely attest that I have my moments when I puke negativity, fear and doubt all over whoever is near me (usually my boyfriend, poor guy…).  We ALL have those moments!  But the tools you are learning here will help you become so much more conscious of it when it happens and therefore able to pull yourself (and your hostages) out of the whirlpool.


By connecting with your life blood—your sacred waters—you begin to understand your connection to the world around you.  Your actions do not just affect you; they create a ripple effect that gets bigger the further out they reach, for better or worse. 

What impact do you want to have?

Water is life, water is energy.  Connect to it in any way accessible to you.

Hydrate throughout the day.  Visit a local body of water.  Take a moment to tune in to your senses and observe how the water interacts with its environment.  Sit by a fountain and listen to the water splash and the kids throw pennies in for good luck.  Water your plants and get your feet and hands wet in the process.  Pray in the shower for daily guidance.  Fill a glass bowl with water and bless it.  That water represents the greater whole, the world’s streams, lakes and rivers, the oceans and the rain.

Water is Life.
Honor it, love it, bless it and hold it sacred, and it will do the same for you.
If there is one stone that represents water, it's Larimar.  Larimar is found only in the Dominican Republic, surrounded by the stunning blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, which is clearly represented in its well-recognized blue and white patterns appearing as sunlight kissing the surface of the sea.  This special mineral developed inside the island's volcanic lava tubes, the element of copper creating the vibrant blue color larimar is known for. 
Created from fire, yet surrounded by water, larimar exhibits a unique ability to balance opposites, creating a calming and harmonizing effect.  It is helps its user identify patterns of self-imposed limitations and assists in the formation of new expansive beliefs.  It has a nourishing yin quality to help you tap into femininity and intuition.  Larimar is connected with the throat chakra and aids in active communication.
While visiting St. Maarten in January, I fell in love with a particular larimar pendent that was calling out for attention.  I brought it home and created a gorgeous mala necklace to offer to you! 
This beauty is a one-of-a-kind piece.  If it speaks to you, contact me to claim it!  I also recommend my Calming Waters Earrings to pair with the mala or to purchase on their own.
Larimar Mala Necklace
Calming Waters Earrings, Brass Hoops with Larimar Stone and Mother of Pearl Dangles

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