April Birthstone: Herkimer Diamonds

Birthstone Herkimer Diamonds Quartz

Okay, I know, you are right—Diamonds are the only official birthstone of April.

Is it too daring of me to suggest this may have something to do with the diamond industry?  Perhaps....  Perhaps not.

Either way, the cost of a diamond is too high priced for many, and clear quartz—namely Herkimer Diamonds—are a perfect alternative that offer all the sparkle and are packed with energetic properties.

Herkimer Diamonds are not a true diamond, but a variety of clear quartz found only in Herkimer, NY.  What makes them special is they are double-terminated (meaning a point on both ends) and are very clear and sparkly.

Clear quartz has a long documented history, as it is found on all continents and is in fact the most common mineral on earth.  From Ancient Greece, to Scotland, to Asia and South America, the uses of clear quartz range from creation myths, a symbol of purity and patience, and sources of shamanistic power.  

Modern society as well has realized the power of clear quartz and reveres its use as a conductor of energy by using it in various technological applications such as in cell phones and radio transmitters.

The ability of clear quartz to focus, store, amplify and regulate energy and information creates it’s commonality for use in both modern and energetic/spiritual purposes.

This powerful crystal opens you to your spiritual purpose by connecting you to the highest energetic vibration.  It cleanses on a deep level as it moves through the chakras and the energetic field and is considered a true master healer.

Herkimer Diamonds, being a type of clear quartz, carry the energetics listed above.  In addition, this high-vibration stone is protective against EMFs, and will also help to access, understand and heal past life issues.

I use quartz of many types in my jewelry.  Just type “quartz” in the search bar at the top left of the page to take a look!  

**Stay tuned for Herkimer Diamonds in an upcoming collection!  

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