Lessons from the Hadza Tribe

Abundance Mindset Prosperity

It's all about perspective.

I was just listening to Dr. Saladino's podcast about his time with the Hadza tribe, one of the last remaining hunter-gatherer tribes left.

Dr. Saladino made the observation that from our "civilized" viewpoint we may see the Hadza as a group lacking shelter, a consistent food source, and living without any stability in their surroundings or circumstances.

He said we might look to the larger towns and cities that surround them and see validation of a better, more prosperous life due to the amount of resources there that the Hadza are missing out on. 

But in his time spent one on one with the tribe, he witnessed exactly the opposite; the Hadza were a happy and content people, while the people in the cities were full of struggle.

Why would the Hadza have to worry about food and shelter when their whole life experience has proven to them that the land will provide them with what they need?

There are valuable lessons here that we can take to heart.  Too many, actually, for this blog, so let's focus on mindset.

The Hadza are living an abundance mindset.  They have no doubt in their mind that what they need to survive is already available to them.

This is the space we need to step into.


If you are coming from a lack mindset your focus is on what isn't working, what isn't available, what you don't have.

Start paying attention to everything that IS working and reaffirm it. 

Give thanks, show gratitude.  Start with the little things and let it build.

With this practice you will realize that everything you need, everything you are asking for is already here for you.

The universe is just waiting for you to align with it energetically.


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