Cycles Of Life

Grounding Smoky Quartz

As this year draws to a close, I have been taking time to reflect on the past twelve months.  This has been a year of overcoming a lot of mental blocks and accepting my Goddess energy.  Acknowledging my power and the slow understanding of what that means for me.  Developing a deeper relationship with the source of my power and letting gratitude lead my life.

A cycle comes to an end, and a new cycle begins. 

As women we are especially cyclical in nature.  Society would try to prove otherwise, and it can be very convincing.  We forget that its not actually “normal” for our bodies to work 40+ hours a week on whatever schedule is dealt to us, no matter what we are dealing with mentally or physically.  We have to keep up with the Jones’—or at least with the men who work beside us!  Heck, we are even competing with the women around us, and we are much more judgmental towards our fellow Goddesses than we are with our male counterparts!

Now, take a step back in time with me.  All the way back to the Red Tent.  Remember when women used to come together every month?  It was time we had to develop our relationships with each other; to bond more deeply and share everything from our favorite recipes to our darkest secrets. 

This was all possible due to the cycle of our Moon.  Our bodies responded together as a whole to Her waxing and waning.  She brought us together and gave us respite from society.

As the cycle of this year ends, understand that we are in constant cycle; from minute to minute, year to year, and beyond.

The cycle from dawn to dusk.

The cycle from month to month, then season to season.  Year to year.

The cycle from birth to death.

And we can find even the macro in the micro; we experience birth to death and back to birth in every moment of our lives, from our inhale to our exhale; from the moment our stomach growls to the moment we are full from a good meal; from the time we cycle from sadness to laughter and back again.  Every day we cycle through the four seasons, the twelve months, and we live a lifetime.

As you move into your next cycle, find ways to acknowledge your connection to nature and its cycles of life that we are so closely tied to.  The easiest way to do this is to take time to get outside.  If you can, take a few minutes when you get up in the morning to go outside and simply observe.  See where the sun is in the sky.  What the temperature is like.  Is it breezy?  Are there birds chirping where you are or do you hear the hustle and bustle of a city moving around you as you remain still and calm?  At night before you turn in, take another minute to step outside, and again observe with all your senses.  As you make this a routine, you will begin to realign with your true cyclical nature.

We were born with this knowledge.  Our ancestors knew it well.  Let’s journey back with them and send them a prayer of thanks and understanding that everything they did, every choice they made, led to you coming into existence. 


Smoky Quartz is a wonderful stone to help you ground yourself and reconnect with nature and the cycles of life that at once live both inside and outside of your body and mind.  Choose to wear our Ground Yourself Set as you set your intentions to reconnect to the cycles of your life.

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