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With Marie Kondo streaming into our lives on the daily, clearing the clutter may be something you’ve had on your mind lately. 

Love her or hate her, she has a legitimate message: the clutter in our homes is an external reflection of what is going on with us internally

Marie Kondo isn’t making a statement against materialism as many of her critics say.  She is simply helping us understand our relationship to our things and to our home.  WHY have we surrounded ourselves with so much “stuff?”  WHAT is our stuff doing for us on an emotional level?  Is the attachment to our stuff healthy or is it holding us back?

She helps us understand that our clutter is an internal thing. 

Going through her method of tidying up helps us to go within and develop a deeper understanding of our emotional and thought patterns that have led us to our current situation.

Lex and I started de-cluttering at the beginning of January.  We had been mentally prepping for this for a couple of months, but even still we have both recognized emotional triggers coming up for us as we slowly move through the process. 

But this is what it is all about. 

So we acknowledge, work through it, and move on to the next step. 

One side effect I have noticed for myself (aside from feeling less anxious) is that I am finding it easier to plan out my business.  As I de-clutter my home, my mind calms down, and I am better at focusing on the task at hand because I have planned out (tidied up?) my week and know what I need to prioritize each day. 

Looking for some help in your de-cluttering process?  Blue Aura Quartz can assist you in clearing your mental clutter.  When you are ready, let it help you identify and work through whatever is holding you back.  Read more about it here!

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