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Do you feel a connection to an easy-going and carefree mentality?

Are you drawn to the ocean waves as a reminder that all things are cyclical and connected?  Subtle, and calming, yet powerful all at once?

Are you inspired by the beauty the beach provides and want to carry that feeling with you as a reminder to see the beauty in your everyday surroundings?

If you can relate to any of these questions, I designed this collection just for you.

When you think of spending time at the beach, how does it make you feel?

Are you relaxed?  Is it your day off?  Are you on vacation?  Do you feel the sand in your toes and the ocean breeze in your face?   

Growing up in NorCal, going to the beach was an all day event.  You went with beach blankets, packed lunches, sunblock (not that the sun would be shining), toys for the kids, etc.  You were always dressed in layers because it would probably be chilly (but you held out hope that the sun would come out and warm you up for a bit!).  And you never thought about bringing your bathing suit--the water is way too cold to swim in!  I have such fond memories of searching for treasures--sea glass, shells, and lots of really beautiful driftwood pieces.

The beaches in SoCal are a totally different experience from what I grew up with.  It is a much more care-free atmosphere.  The beach is more accessible and it is used year-round, with people laying out in their bikinis in January, regardless of whether it is warm or not!  You might spend the whole day there, or you might jump in for a quick swim on your lunch break.  The sun is almost always shining (except during May Grey or June Gloom where the entirety of the coast-dwellers fall into a two-month depression, convinced the sun will never return).  There are always surfers to watch and groups playing beach volleyball.  A few people are doing yoga or practicing acrobatics on a low trapeze tied up between the palm trees.  Someone else is playing guitar or hand drums.  Pelicans are cruising just above the water, searching for their next meal.  The sunsets over the ocean are magical, and the waves gift us with their negative ions to help calm us and keep us reminded that everything comes and goes, comes and goes.

In southern California, we live with an endless summer mentality.  We truly live a year-round beach lifestyle.

This easy breezy, no-stress lifestyle is what inspired my Endless Summer Collection

This collection is designed to inspire you to always be able to tap in to your beach mindset, anytime, no matter where you are or what climate you are in.

When you wear turquoise and coral, let it help you remember the feel of the sun in your face and the warm sand on your back as you soak it all in. 

Let the calming colors of larimar and pink opal remind you of the last sunset you saw at the beach. 

Allow the seafoam green shells to remind you of the calming ocean waves and the water lapping on the shore.

Which designs will you choose to inspire your beach mindset?

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