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Mother's Day Gift Sets Opening the Heart Rose Medicine

What a strange time we are in.  In a “normal” year it’s not uncommon to approach any holiday with a little angst or anxiety; family can be a little trying at times, even in the best of families!  But this year, as we just experienced Easter and now turn towards Mother’s Day, our perspective shifts to recognize the loss of the family time we may normally take for granted.  While there are many blessings coming from this quarantine, I believe that if we aren’t careful, this isolation from our loved ones could have subtle lasting effects on our hearts and minds.

Now more than ever is the time to look deep inside our hearts and be truthful and honest about our feelings.  We need to acknowledge the emotions that may be dwelling under the surface.  Fear, worry, depressed thoughts; these are all things that can fester and turn into something larger if left unacknowledged.  Now more than ever is the time to reach out to your loved ones for comfort and support and to remind yourself you are not alone emotionally, even if you are secluded physically.

This Mother’s Day I would encourage you to find creative ways to celebrate with your family.  If you are a mother and are with your family, celebrate by holding them close and telling them how much they mean to you (despite how crazy they may be driving you being surrounded by them 24/7!).  Be genuine!  If you can’t be with your mother on her special day, set up a video call or phone call and give her your undivided attention while you talk to her.  If these options aren’t available, write her a good old-fashioned letter.  Regardless of how you reach her, be open and honest.  Open your heart to her and express your appreciation.  If you have a strained relationship, it might just be a simple text message to show her she is in your thoughts, or it may be enough that you simply journal about her and keep it at that. 


Breathe deep.  Breathe into your heart, slowly loosening the tension.  Keep breathing.  Feel a warmth in your heart.  Picture the warmth as a green ball of light.  Envision it expanding out of your chest, slowly growing as it rises towards the sky.  Send it to Source and ask that this healing and loving energy be sent to bless your mother on her day and to your family and friends.  You may expand the energy even more by including your community, your state, your country, and Mother Earth in this blessing.  Any time you feel yourself getting anxious or lonely, this short practice can reconnect you to your heart and open it to the love available to you at any given time.


Last year for Mother’s Day my gift sets were such a hit that I was really excited to put together a new offering this year! 

As I have felt called to draw the collective mindset to shift to a heart-centered awareness, it felt like a natural choice to feature rose, traditionally seen as a heart medicine. 

The energetics of Rose allows us to soften, to flow; it allows tension in our heart and body to ease so we can either let held emotions go, or acknowledge and feel the emotions we have kept hidden from ourselves.  Rose connects us with our heart and allows it to gently open and allow connection.

My Mother’s Day Gift Sets this year feature a pair of earrings with a Rose Hydrosol from Following Seasons Botanicals (FSB).  Hydrosols are essentially the beautiful byproduct of producing essential oils (EOs).  According to FSB, hydrosols are “perfect to use as a facial toner, mood enhancer, and skin balance ingredient in all of your self care rituals and formulations. Treat your skin to something special! Hydrosols are the best suited means of delivering pH balanced moisture to your skin. With antimicrobial benefits, they encourage a healthy, clean environment on the [skin], and of course the aromatics increase an ever so gentle means of true aromatherapy.”  My friend Cindy of FSB carries wonderful products, and as a certified Herbalist, Aromatherapist and Master Soap Maker, I know she offers only the best quality products!

Give the gift of indulgence to your mom on Mother’s Day!  A pair of earrings to feel beautiful and a bottle of rose hydrosol to feel loved.  There will be three options to choose from!

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The gift sets will be launched on my website on April 25, but I have very limited quantities available, and last year I completely sold out. 

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