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My Vibrance Protection Collection is inspired by the current global situation we are learning to adjust to day by day.  We are living in a world for which we weren’t prepared.  Expect the unexpected, as the saying goes, but who could have truly been ready for a world-wide pandemic?  No matter what your beliefs are around the politics and the covid-19 virus, the fact of the matter is, you are affected by it. 

I have been watching the different ways my community and my friends and family have been going through different levels of emotion, from fear and stress to being grateful for the extra time at home.  For most of us there seems to be a mixture of all of these feelings depending on the day or which week of the stay-at-home order we are in. 

Do you agree?

When the social distancing and stay-at-home orders first came into effect, I felt myself being drawn into fear mode.  All of my thoughts and actions were consumed by safety and I felt extremely vulnerable.    

I realized the fear was lowering my vibration!

I wasn’t functioning well and I needed help to clear all the negative energy I was feeling so I could get back on track.  If there is one thing I know from my years of living with an autoimmune condition, it is that stress—emotional stress in particular—has the ability to knock us down faster than anything!

My self-care routine was still in place—herbs and supplements, yoga, crystals, prayer—but at the moment in wasn’t enough.  I needed to ask for help. 

Let me introduce you to my good friend Daphne Higa.  Daphne and I met in herb school many years ago and I have watched her grow into a talented intuitive energy healer.  

Daphne works on your energy field by channeling positive energy from the earth and the natural world.  When this elemental energy is channeled into your energy body it has a calming and healing affect.  If you are familiar with the practice of grounding, it works in the same way, only the healing energy of the elements are in a more concentrated form, resulting in a stronger and more lasting effect.

Daphne also channels Source energy, which guides her intuitively towards issues that need to be addressed during her healing sessions.  She describes Source as high-level spirit guides.  Depending on your spiritual background this may or may not sit well with you and that is okay.  In my spiritual studies I see this as God’s way of communicating with Daphne in a way that reaches through Daphne to bless others.

I reached out to Daphne for help and I honestly felt like my spirit was revived when my session was over.  I felt like myself again! 

As we continued to talk, we discussed my jewelry and what stones I should be using for protection.  I told her I’d been thinking of creating a “protection collection” to help others protect their energy during all the craziness going on right now. 

Daphne and Source helped guide me to the stones I used in the final five designs. 

Labradorite, Obsidian, Kyanite, Angel Aura Quartz and Turquoise were all chosen specifically for their highly protective qualities. 

Each bracelet is paired with a charm featuring a protection symbol.  Symbols have always been a powerful way for us to focus our energy and intention.  With guidance, four symbols were chosen: a cross, a hamsa hand with a lotus, an amulet charm featuring the centuries old triquetra symbol, and an amulet charm featuring a Zia Sun. 

Click here to read more about these stones and symbols in the product descriptions! 

These stones and symbols were chosen to raise your vibrational frequency and to serve as a high level of energetic protection.

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***Interested in working with Daphne?  She is available for long distance healing sessions.  Email or text Daphne to set up your 15 minute consultation!  I promise you, she is worth it!  Contact her at or text her at 619.889.2507.  Let her know Holly B. sent you!

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