Top 6 Stones to Have in Your Holiday Relief Kit

Holiday Relief Kit Protection Stones

Are you feeling the challenges of the season?  The joy of the holidays can be dampened by stress if we aren’t careful!  I’ve put together a quick holiday relief guide to help you through!

  1. Labradorite: This magical stone is the top choice for protection. During the holidays we can let ourselves get stressed out and stretched thin; at these times it’s easy to allow other people to drain our energy.  Labradorite keeps your aura shiny and intact, which keeps foreign energy from hooking in and dampening your mood.
  2. Citrine: Everyone can benefit from this positive stone! Citrine promotes true joy for life and recognition of the abundance the universe has to offer you.  It also has the ability to cleanse all of the chakras, which will keep your mind, body and spirit strong, positive and healthy so you can sail through the holidays with flying colors.
  3. Amethyst: Another stone of protection, amethyst shines in its ability to balance your yin/yang energies. During the holidays we tend to push ourselves to do all the things, which can be fun, but can also stress out our bodies and minds.  This intuitive stone will help bring you up or settle you down, keeping you balanced and level so you can truly enjoy the festivities of the season.
  4. Smoky Quartz: Do you have a never-ending to-do list of every. dang. thing. that needs to be done in time for Christmas (or your celebrated holiday)? Use smoky quartz as your go-to stone to keep you emotionally calm and grounded so you can check off that list with ease and grace!
  5. HowliteWe all know that tensions and emotions can run high when we are spending extended time with family and friends. Heaven forbid someone brings up politics, religion or that family scandal (again…) and sets off a heated discussion, am I right?!  Keep a piece of howlite in your pocket to allow its deeply calming energy to soothe your emotions and negate any anger that has bubbled up for you.  And if your mind tends to run a mile a minute, howlite will definitely be there to slow you down to a comfortable speed.
  6. Rose Quartz: This beautiful stone is always called for, no matter the issue or occasion! Rose Quartz is the stone of love; the champion of the heart, it will draw in love of all kinds, but always emphasizes the importance of self-love and self-care first.  To appreciate the holidays this year, remember to take a moment to breathe—and then allow rose quartz to open your heart to appreciating the true meaning of the holidays.

Print out this list and head to your local crystal shop to put together your holiday relief kit!  If you are in the San Diego area I recommend Amethyst Moon in La Mesa and Earth’s Elements at their newest location in Little Italy!  (Extra bonus: you can shop Holly B. Designs in person at Earth’s Elements!) 

Would you rather wear these stones instead of carrying them in your pocket?  Check out my jewelry which features these stones by clicking on the title of each stone in the list!  (Amethyst jewelry will be featured coming up in 2020.)

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