Lessons from Mercury

Intention Collection Mercury Retrograde

I have been feeling some serious shifts lately, like the energy is moving (finally) in the right direction; as if a vacuum has opened up and sucked out the stuff that hasn’t been helpful, creating room for a whole world of possibilities.  And, can I say, it sure feels good!  Mercury in retrograde was a doozy this time around--not just for me, but for literally almost everyone around me! 

Was it the same for you? 

I’m talking full-blown mentally in the dumps, major communication breakdowns, electronics not functioning, you name it I’ve felt it or seen it play out in front of me!  Honestly, I’m still witnessing it in action, but a few days ago I felt almost miraculously pulled out of the pit, as if I was now floating above the chaos, able to see things from a different perspective, and things started falling into place for me all at once.  (I’ll report more on this soon as things continue to develop!)

 As challenging and frustrating as it is to go through, a wise woman recently reminded me that Mercury in retrograde is our friend,  because it helps us find the issues that need to be addressed.  It gives us perspective into our patterns, our life choices, and areas we need to shift in order to move forward.  It shines light on issues we had been doing our best to ignore--or at least we were trying to put them off until a more convenient time! 

Mercury in retrograde makes you confront the question: why am I allowing myself to stay stuck?  What do I need to address internally in order to move forward and live my life?  It might be pointing you toward one particular area, such as dealing with a health issue, or asking for the raise you know you deserve, or it may be pushing you to acknowledge your overall mindset patterns that are holding you back from a flourishing and fulfilling life.

Remember the lesson of the lotus flower: you can’t rise above the surface in your full glory without first traveling through the mud and the muck!  Living this life takes courage, determination, vision, patience, and faith that at the end of the day the universe has your back regardless. 

Stay true to yourself and focus on gratitude, even on the toughest of days. 

As we head closer to the holidays, emotions can feel raw and nerves can be on edge—stay true to yourself and what you hold dear, and stay focused on gratitude!

If you need a little help, look through my Intention Collection and see if you can’t find the right Intentional Jewelry to keep you focused and grounded!

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