Why Earrings?

I often get asked why my main focus is earrings rather than necklaces or bracelets.  It’s a fair question!  When scrolling through my collections it’s obvious I am biased towards earrings!

I believe earrings are the easiest way to add flair to any outfit.  Easy and versatile, earrings don’t get twisted around or caught on your purse strap like a necklace might.  They can add a subtle compliment to an outfit or make a bold statement. 

From a design perspective, they are super fun to make because you can pack a lot of creativity into a small package that takes less time to make so you end up being able to make multiple designs in the time you might only make one or two necklaces!  Quick creative gratification!

Also, with a long background in the restaurant industry wearing ugly uniforms, earrings were the only way for me to add individuality to my outfit; my preferred long necklaces would swing and get in the way when bending down to collect plates from tables, and rings and bracelets would make it harder to hold multiple plates easily.  So, I just got used to wearing earrings!  And they would get attention from my customers, which resulted in sales, which encouraged more earrings….

As I build up my site I will be adding more necklaces and bracelets—I promise!—but my true creative love is definitely found in making earrings! 

Check out some of my best sellers here!


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  • Kristen Shumaker on

    Love your webiste!! You’re a boss! so proud of you, keep it up!

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