Cheap Brands Vs. Holly B. Designs

What are the differences between cheap brands and Holly B. Designs? 

Sometimes I have people that question my prices, thinking they are too high.  I want to be transparent and address why my prices are what they are and what your hard-earned dollars are supporting when you purchase jewelry from Holly B. Designs. 

While you may be able to find comparable designs for less, I am not yet a widely known designer and am not selling in large volume; therefore I can't afford to purchase supplies in large bulk at the lowest prices possible.  While I go to great lengths to source the highest quality materials at the best prices I can find, I simply can't compete with large brands on this.  I also purchase as many materials as possible from American businesses, which also means a higher cost than if I bought everything from China or India. 

Large jewelry brands outsource their production to third world countries, which means their labor costs are a fraction of the price.  Although I am still making every piece that I sell, I have to account for the going hourly (US) rate for production labor, so that when I am at the point that I can hire help I can also afford to pay them a fair wage. 

What do you lose when you shop cheaper brands? 

Quality and attention to detail.  When you shop my brand, you know that I have personally made each and every piece, and if I don't think it’s up to par, I won't sell it!  (I am, however, human....  If a defect gets past me, you have my word I will give you awesome customer service to correct the issue—this is yet another benefit you get when you shop with me!) 

In order to create Holly B. Designs as a legitimate business (as opposed to a hobby) I also need to ensure that I am building in a salary in addition to covering the costs of materials and hourly labor.  I'm sure everyone understands that if I don't make a profit—in other words, if I can't pay for my personal bills and keep my rent paid, I can't stay in business!  It is my dream to create HBD as a sustainable business in order to share my vision with as many people as possible! 

Many small designers out there—and even some larger ones—haven’t learned how to price their work properly and are treating their business more as a hobby.  I have no issue with a hobby that brings in money, but they are sadly charging only wholesale prices without even realizing it.  (I was doing this, too, when I first started!)  Unfortunately, they are undercutting not only themselves, but the designers who are working to build a strong business, and in doing so, they are also creating a lot of confusion for the consumer.

I also want to address the issue of vision and creativity.  When you support me, or other small businesses, you are supporting the creativity, insight, vision, and product development process. 

This is what sets Holly B. Designs apart from cheap brands, box stores, and even other designers in my industry. 

It is my vision, my experience, and the heart that I put into Holly B. Designs that keeps my brand unique from any other. 

So, do you think that all this is worth paying a few extra bucks for?  I do hope so, and I truly hope you will follow along on this journey with me! 

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