Top 5 Jewelry Essentials

I have a confession to make: I hate spending time getting ready to go out! 

By the time I find an outfit that both looks cute and feels good, get my hair to look presentable, and put on a little makeup, picking out the perfect jewelry can feel like one more chore I just don’t have brain space for.  (And anyone who knows me knows that by this point I’m already running late and don’t have any time left to analyze the style of this necklace vs. that one!)   I realize that as a jewelry designer I probably shouldn’t be admitting this, but it’s the honest truth! 

That’s why I create a lot of jewelry that can be simple no-brainer additions that will complement a ton of outfits so I can just grab-and-go! 

If you can relate to this, you need my Top 5 Jewelry Essentials to make your fashion routine faster and easier!  This list highlights the jewelry that I always have sitting on top of my dresser, ready to throw on with virtually any outfit at a moment’s notice!

  1. The ultimate earrings: My Signature Abalone Earrings are the style that put me in business.  Why?  Because they go with EVERYTHING.  Honestly, wear them with a tank, ripped shorts and flip flops or a sexy black dress.  Perfect for work or play, you can always feel confident you made the right choice when you wear these earrings! 
  2. Every woman needs a pair of hoops: When in doubt, hoops are always appropriate.  These Apatite Hoops are my go-to pair right now.  The blue is vibrant, but dark enough that it compliments most colors.  If you prefer warmer tones, choose these Rhodonite Hoops instead!
  3. Throw on a stack of bracelets: Its super on-trend right now to stack your bracelets high—the more the better!  I never leave the house without my full stack of bracelets from my Vibrance Protection Collection—even when I’m just running a quick errand and haven’t even brushed my hair (so guilty LOL)!  I highly recommend you get at least one protection bracelet to wear at all times just to help you buffer the hectic energy we are navigating around right now.  These bracelets are in colors that are easy to match with and you will feel great wearing them and knowing you are protected.
  4. A short necklace that compliments most necklines: My Angel Crystal Necklace is simple and eye-catching, light-weight, and is perfect when you want to up-level your outfit without getting complicated.  It’s an easy pick for every outfit!
  5. A long necklace that brings a lot of bang for its buck: Long necklaces are always an asset to have on hand!  They show a level of style sophistication that implies you put a lot of effort into your look, when in reality you made a smart fashion buy, knowing the mileage one elegant piece can add to your wardrobe!  Wear your long necklace with a long flowing dress or with jeans and a cute top and you will have all the other women wishing they had one too!  The long necklace I wear the most is my RAW Selenite Bar Necklace; not only is it gorgeous in its simplicity, but the selenite adds another level of energetic protection as it cleanses your energy and keeps negative energies at bay!

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