Cleansing Rituals

Kangen Water Palo Santo White Sage

Cleansing Rituals

When you purchase jewelry from me, you are getting more than just a pretty piece of jewelry. 

While I have always taken care to create positive and beautiful jewelry, over this past year I have really honed in on my method of cleansing and infusing positive vibrations into each piece. 

Every piece of jewelry I make is now cleansed and energized with Kangen water.  My Kangen machine is a Japanese medical device that creates ionized, hydrogen-rich water that emulates the miracle waters found naturally in places all over the world, such as Lourdes, France and Tlacote, Mexico.  As I have found that drinking this water has energized and improved my health, I feel that it is also an active way to cleanse and energize the stones and crystals I use in my jewelry. 

Since we know that water molecules take on the emotions we suggest to them, I created a gratitude and love bottle which holds the Kangen water before I spray the stones.  Watch this video to learn more!

The Deluxe Package

All of my custom work gets an extra special cleansing treatment; we’ll call it the deluxe cleansing package! 

In addition to using my Kangen water, each custom piece is first cleansed of any negative energy attachments by smudging with white sage, followed by smudging with palo santo wood and calling in positive energy and intentions for the owner of the jewelry.  At this point I spray with the Kangen water to energize and infuse with love and gratitude and I lay the jewelry on my amethyst crystal to charge over night.  If the timing is right, I will set the amethyst with the jewelry under the full moon to soak in all her loving energy!

Nothing makes me happier than creating unique one-of-a-kind custom jewelry made just for you!  To learn more, click here!

Curious about Kangen water?  Click here to learn more!

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