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Custom Bracelets Energy Protection

I want to introduce you to my current passion!  Before I do, let me give you some background.

Late last year, a friend commissioned several gifts from me.  Many of her friends were struggling in different areas of their life and she wanted me to create custom bracelets for them with stones that would help them.  I really enjoyed learning more about the stones and putting them together with purpose for each individual.  Her friends loved them!

Inspired, I began diving even deeper into the stones and as 2020 has continued to throw us curveball after curveball, I felt the need to create my Vibrance Protection Collection to have a set of bracelets available for everyone to keep their energy protected and vibrating on a higher frequency. 

This has resulted in more requests for custom energy bracelets, opening up a whole new aspect of my business and becoming one of my main offerings!  It has also created space for me to open to the stones and develop and trust my intuition on a much deeper level.

A few other factors I attribute to my intuitive development:

  • I have been drinking my Kangen Water for close to a year now. This electrically charged water will actually decalcify the pineal gland.  The pineal gland is where you connect with your intuition and have higher access to develop your own thoughts and beliefs.  To learn more about how I use Kangen Water in my jewelry process, click here.
  • I have been working with my friend Daphne receiving energy healings from her on a weekly basis all year to keep my aura cleansed of wayward energies and gain insight into my challenges. Daphne is a channel and was also fundamental in helping me create my Vibrance Protection Collection.  Read more about Daphne here.
  • Continual work on personal growth and mindset and learning to reset my thought patterns of imposter syndrome, or the doubt, the distrust, the “I’m not smart enough/good enough/intuitive enough” fear-based thoughts. Listening to Jacob Glass’s teachings and podcasts like The Life Coach School Podcast with Brooke Castillo help me tremendously with this.

Custom Energy Bracelets

Not only is ordering your own custom energy bracelet a great way to show yourself self-love and self-care; it is also makes a truly thoughtful and unique gift for your friends and loved ones.

When we start the process, I will ask you to tell me a little about yourself or loved one: what you are going through or need help with, such as what types of challenges you are experiencing; what type of character traits you want to develop; etc.  Also, let me know if there are any specific stones/colors you want or don’t want.

With this information I will intuitively pick out your stones and create your special bracelet.  It will come with a write up about the stones and how it will help you.

Due to a higher demand, I can only take a limited amount of custom orders each month.  Slots are already filling up, so don’t put off your orderlet’s get the process started!

I can’t wait to see which stones are waiting for you!

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