Do You Trust Yourself?

Connection Intuition

Are you connected with your intuition?

Do you listen to that little voice in the back of your mind? Or do you brush it off and stay the course?  (Or change course when the voice tells you to hold steady?)

It has taken me all of my years to get to a point where I am finally learning to listen to and trust my intuition--that little voice in my head, or what I call those intuitive "taps on the shoulder" that we all get.

And let's be honest, it's still a work in progress!  But let me tell you, when I DON'T listen to my intuition, things don't go well.

I recently had a pretty scary experience happen and had I just listened to the multiple warnings from my intuition instead of brushing things away because "it couldn't really be happening," I may have avoided the situation, or at least lessened the threat.

Why am I telling you this?

To remind you that intuition isn't just woo-woo! 

Intuition is a natural ability you were born with to help you navigate through life safer and easier, not just to connect you with the moon and stars and to know things about others that they haven't told you.  (Although, those are pretty cool bonuses, I'm not gonna lie!)

My best advice when (re)learning how to tune back in is to recognize when you get that intuitive "hit."  It might be something as simple as an urge to get off a different exit than normal, or it might be a feeling that you should call a friend you haven't talked to in a while.  It may be your actual voice inside your head saying, “this situation doesn’t feel right, best to avoid it.” 

Instead of brushing off these small, almost annoying, thoughts that are trying to take you off your normal course, give in! 

I challenge you to commit to recognizing, listening to, and indulging this little voice for one week.  You will be amazed at the results!  

In fact, I urge you to try it, and leave me a comment when you do!  Let me know your experience!


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