Wave Your Magic Wand!

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Happy first week of 2021!

I know, I know, just because the date changed, doesn't mean that a magic wand has just been waved and all of the world’s problems have magically disappeared.

But....  what if you can wave a magic wand?

What if you can make a decision that will change the trajectory of your life?

Let me tell you, friend, you truly do hold that power!

But to wave that wand, you have to embrace some simple concepts, implement some new practices, and commit to yourself in order for it to work.

Are you with me?

It all starts with mindset.

You have the power to choose your thoughts.  Why bother with thoughts that bring you down, keep you stuck, and lodge you in judgment mode?  Be honest--what good are they doing you?  Make the decision to catch the negative thoughts as they start and flip it to the positive.  Stop dwelling on what should have been and focus on what you can make happen!  You will be amazed at how quickly things start changing.

Choose your words wisely.

Words are spells; what spells have you been casting?  Your words shape your reality, so think hard about the reality you want to live in and make sure your commentary is in line with it.  Play around and get creative.  Pick apart your thoughts and see how you can reword them to cast better spells!

Set your intentions.

Identify areas of your life that you want to improve.  Maybe you want to create stronger relationships, be more productive, or reduce your anxiety.  Set your intention and create your affirmations.  Say your affirmations as if you have already accomplished your goal.  To learn more, read my blog on intention setting!

Take action.

Learning all of this is great, but nothing will change until you start taking decisive action towards your goals.  That’s just the truth of the matter.  Action is your magic wand.

Let go of attachment.

You’ve identified your goals.  You know the changes you need to make.  You’ve put together an action plan.  And I bet you’ve decided exactly how it’s all going to come together for you.  Yeah, I know.  I know you are excited and I know you are visualizing everything to the last detail.  You have the timeline, you know the outcome, and you know every stepping stone along the way.

Stop.  Take a breath.

The last key component to the magic you are creating—the last ingredient to success—is letting go of the details.  Letting go of the idea that you know exactly how it has to go down.

Trust in the universe.  She hears you.  She knows what you are asking for.  (Another reminder here to pay extra attention to your words!  The universe is listening and feeling the energy vibrations you are setting in motions with your thoughts, words and actions.)  Let go of the need to control the timeline.  Let go of the need to define how the universe answers your prayers.

Pay attention to the paths that open up to you and the doors that close. 

You are working in partnership with the universe.  Just as you expect creative freedom in how you develop and change, give the Universe the same respect, and she will always have your back.


I want to let you in on something exciting I have in the works! 

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