March Birthstone: Aquamarine

Aquamarine Birthstone Pisces


As the first 21 days of March are ruled by the sign Pisces, it makes perfect sense that aquamarine would represent the flow of March. 

Water, being incredibly gentle and yet having the strength to wear down a mountain, is representing its power to cleanse, nourish and strengthen through this water-associated stone.  As Pisces swims upstream and through oceans, aquamarine lends a protective energy to those finding their way in turbulent and calm waters alike. 

Historically aquamarine was used by fishermen and seafarers for protection and safe travel by boat.  Ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians alike, were known to use this stone for protection and healing.  Many uses were documented, such as rekindling romantic love, use as an oracle stone, as a cure for ailments of the eyes, teeth, gut and liver, and as an antidote against poisoning (in the middle ages poisoning was pretty common in royal families, making aquamarine a sought-after commodity).

Energetically, aquamarine is a calming and soothing stone, its color ranging from bright, clear blue, to a blue-green reminiscent of the ocean.  It lends tranquility, giving permission to its user to go inward and take the time to slow down, restore, regenerate and reconnect with the present moment.  An excellent stone for empaths, aquamarine improves connection to and tolerance of others.  This applies not only energetically, but also calls us out when we let our ego stay in judgment of others (or of ourselves).  It also encourages taking responsibility for our lives, our actions and our circumstances.

My Ocean Breeze Necklace features aquamarine and is the perfect light-weight piece to wear as you invite its energy into your daily life.


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