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Kangen Water Universal Connection Water is Life

\How are you doing?

Like, really, how are you?

As the pandemic starts to slow, there is a glimmer of hope that sometime soon we can resume life in a semi-normal state.  How has the separation affected you?

Isolation and separation is hard on us for a reason--it's literally against our nature on a cellular level.

While we are still staying fairly isolated, how can we create that deep sense of connection we are missing?

Let me show you how.

You may have heard that we are made up of 70% water, same as the earth herself.  (Stay with me here, I'll tie this all together in a sec....)

I just learned today that we have 100 trillion trillion water molecules in our body.  I don't even know how many zeros that is!

And it's not like we start with the same water molecules we die with; water moves in and out of our bodies our whole lives.

In fact, water that was in my body last year might now be inside of you!  I don't know about you, but it sure would be cool if I'm living with water molecules that Beyonce used to shake her booty with!

It sounds funny, I know, but it truly goes to show how much more connected and alike we are to each other than we are different.  

To understand this connection further, watch this TEDtalk by Dr. Adam D. Wexler about the bridge between water and life.  He shows a unique experiment with water that demonstrates how water molecules can create bridges to connect, defying what seems possible.  Dr. Wexler concludes:

"Water has an incredible power to magnify forces.  Water is universal.  It knows no borders.  It accepts all.  Water is life and life is water."

If you follow me on my other Instagram platform @iamhollybeck (thank you so much if you do!) you know that I am passionate about water.  I started out just interested in Kangen water for the health benefits of the ionized water. But the more I learn, the more I am drawn in to the truly spiritual and magical qualities of water itself.  

If you haven't read The Hidden Messages in Water, by Masaru Emoto, or seen the documentary "Secrets of Water; Discover the Language of Life", please do check them out as well.  Mr. Emoto established through his experiments that water holds memory.  It holds energy.  It takes on our thoughts. 

He is known for photographing water molecules that have been programmed with specific emotions, such as gratitude, joy, anger, and hate.  The affect these emotions have on the molecules is incredible: beautiful precise and perfectly formed patterns on the positive water; malformed and distorted non-patterns on the negative water.

Knowing that our bodies are 70% water, and water records and responds to our thoughts and words, how important is it to pay attention to our words?  The words we speak to ourselves, to others, to the world inside and outside of us?

Your words truly create not only your inner world, but they have a great effect on the world around us.

So, to bring this full circle, how can you incorporate this knowledge into your life?  How can this knowledge create connection as we continue to isolate?

Start by pouring yourself a glass of water.  Thank the water for its nourishment.  Feel genuine gratitude for the water.  Drink and hydrate with this programmed water.

When you shower, make it purposeful.  Ask the water raining down on you for blessings, wisdom and insight.  Don't think too hard, just calm your mind and listen to any messages that come through.  If you aren't used to meditating, this may sound strange.  Just trust me, try it everyday for a week and let me know what happens!

Do a water blessing.  If you live near water, go to it, bless it and thank it for its beauty and the healing it provides.  No natural waterways near you?  Bless a fountain or a backyard swimming pool.  Energize it with your gratitude.

When you connect with the water element, you are connecting with the universe itself.  God created water, and through water we are blessed with life. 

By nurturing this connection, you are connecting with every other living being on the planet, and you can do that from the comfort and safety of your own home.

While it doesn't replace the need for physical connection, I promise these practices will bring you peace of mind, benefit your health as you hydrate, and allow you to experience the magic that this great universe provides.

You hold 100 trillion trillion universes inside of you. 

It's time to connect.


Speaking of connection, let's keep in touch!  If you want to learn more about water, contact me here or send me a DM on Istagram @hollybeck2020.  

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